About me!


I am a PhD Candidate at Northeastern University, having entered in Fall 2015 and passed my comprehensive exams in July 2017.

Within the World History paradigm, I specialize in International Sports History, with secondary fields in US Urban History and US Social Movements within an international context.

My dissertation topic is on the history of American Sports Organizing within left-wing movements in the interwar period, 1918-1950, looking to how labor unionists, communists, socialists, and anarchists used sports to organize larger organizational social programs for working class people.

I have taught Social & Cultural History of Baseball, and focus on 19th and 20th Century United States in the world for teaching purposes, though not limited to. I founded the Breaking History podcast, a project of Northeastern University History Graduate Association.

I am from Philadelphia, PA, and have participated in a variety of radical and labor related organizing projects. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Summer, attending baseball games, listening to music like punk rock and jazz, as well as podcasts.

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