A Taste of My Dissertation

Dot Tucker, the Captain of the ILGWU Local 22 (Harlem) Basketball and Track squads in the late 1930s. She went to Barcelona for the People’s Olympics. She disappeared from view before the war.

John Gallo, the longtime athletic director of UAW Local 600, at the sprawling Ford River Rouge plant in Dearborn MI. A Communist Party member at a time when one joined the party as a labor militant, he was eventually targeted by both McCarthyism and the Reuther purges of radicals from the UAW. He fought hard for integrated union athletics and was remembered as a hero to the workers of River Rouge.

Olga Madar, the longtime head of the international UAW’s Recreation Department. She began as a ringer on a Chrysler softball team, and worked her way up in the auto industry to become a leader of labor sports. She was a Socialist Party fellow traveler, and eventually was the first President of CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women.)

UAW Sports Sampling

ILGWU Sports Sampling

Labor Sports Union sampling (Third Period Communist Party sports organization)

Worker Sport movement in Europe

SWOC/United Steelworkers

United Electrical and Radio Workers (UE) sports sampling

ILWU Sports sampling


15th International Brigade American Football, during the Spanish Civil War 1937.
District 65 Baseball Team. NYC Warehouse workers with Communist leadership.

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