Two years!

A lot has happened since I updated this. Thank you to Chuck Munson for helping me with the technical issues.

I’m in the Fall Semester of my 5th year in the PhD Program currently at Northeastern University, working on my dissertation “Strikes and Strikeouts: Building An Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist Working Class Sports Culture From Below in the United States, 1918-1950.”

For this academic year, I am a welfare officer of the History Graduate Student Association, one of two. Last year, I served as the secretary after a term as President. I have taught three classes since I last updated, including two times of Intro to US History and an online course for History of Today: Deep Historical Understandings of today’s issues.

At current rate, I will be defending my dissertation in Spring 2020. We shall see where the winds take me after that.

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